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   DJs Picayune Mississippi - Only $450 !!

     AFFORDABLE Picayune, Mississippi DJs (Disc Jockeys) without sacrificing quality - Top Mississippi DJ - not like other Picayune MS DJs or Mississippi DJs!! I guess we will never be a "high profit" Mississippi business, like some, because we want the public to have what we expect to get - an EXCELLENT product without overcharges and additional charges. That's why our prices are lower than other Picayune DJs and Mississippi DJs - we don't overcharge for basic DJ services, we don't charge "extra" for our intelligent and impressive light show, nor do we charge any "extra" for Karaoke. We don't even charge a premium rate for requested overtime hours.  To us, all of these ARE basic DJ services that we provide to the Picayune area and many other Mississippi areas.

     Why do most other Picayune DJs and Mississippi DJs charge so much?  Think about it... if each member of a 5-piece band earned $600 per event, the total cost would be $3,000 to hire that band.  That's a healthy price for a band that size.  Yet, single Picayune DJs and most other single Mississippi DJs normally charge at least $600 per event.  Do Picayune DJs and most other Mississippi DJs need more equipment than a band?  No... they actually bring less, and some have under-powered, small systems that actually cost much less than a band's sound system.  So, why do Picayune DJs and other Mississippi DJs charge so much?... because they can!  Do you think you will somehow get less if you pay less?... not with Top Mississippi DJ at your event!!! -- please read what our satisfied customers say on our Testimonials page!!

     One of our potential clients asked, "What is the difference between Picayune DJs that use dual CD players and Picayune DJs that use computers".  I explained that the difference between Top Mississippi DJ's computerized method and the "old standard type" DJ is that we use a laptop computer with "virtual" on-screen dual "CD players". The DJ is "alive" and still reacts with the crowd, etc., it's just much easier to find and cue the upcoming DJ song selections without having to search through loads of CDs and find which track is the one needed. With the computer, DJ songs are found immediately... for all songs are in alphabetical order and can be found either by artist or title… no heavy boxes of CDs to carry… no more scratched, defective and lost CDs. Plus, this gives us a much greater ability to pay more attention to the guests.

Our Mission

     To provide the highest quality DJ Service imaginable in Picayune, Mississippi and many other Mississippi cities at an unbeatable price, allowing clients to retain funds to use for other important areas of their event planning, while ensuring we maintain a professional, organized demeanor... and assuring that all participants "have a good time"!!  


     Only $450 !!  Top Mississippi DJ services cost only $450 for events in the Picayune, Mississippi area.  We maintain a VERY efficient vehicle/trailer combination (30 mpg overall) that carries our State-Of-The-Art Sound Equipment for Weddings, Receptions, Parties, Reunions -- All Occasions. This allows us to competitively provide mobile DJ services in Picayune and throughout Mississippi at a substantial savings over the more local DJs and other Mississippi DJs, while maintaining EXTREME HIGH quality.  Pop, Rock, Rap, Country, Disco, Swamp Pop, Hip Hop, and More... High Quality Sound / Light Show / Karaoke / Low Affordable Price.

     Please take a little of your time to review our other website pages for more details, and you'll see why Top Mississippi DJ is unbeatable in many other ways!!

NOTE:  Unlike many Disc Jockeys, Top Mississippi DJ travels with ease and efficiency to perform Disc Jockey services for weddings and other events in the following Mississippi cities:  Picayune, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Bay St Louis, Pass Christian, Long Beach, D'Iberville, Picayune, Carriere, McNeill, Lakeshore, Ansley, Diamondhead, Woolmarket, and Nicholson. - Picayune DJs, Picayune Disc Jockey Services for your Picayune Wedding, Reception, or a DJ for your Special Event in Picayune, Mississippi - DJ Listings for Picayune Disc Jockeys - Mississippi DJs - Picayune DJs - Picayune DJs, Top Mississippi DJ - Wedding Professionals Picayune, Mississippi - Mississippi DJs - Picayune DJs

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